Venum Tramo Punching Bag - Filled - Black/Yellow

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A exclusive, the Venum Tramo punching bag is designed to help you improve your fitness, endurance, and speed.

This Venum punching bag is suited for footwork, punches, and power moves.

It is equipped with suspension straps to hang it in a proper place, but also has a mooring loop to secure it to the ground, if necessary.

A strap under the bag offers him good support to prevent sagging.


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    • ADD 14 Inches to TOTAL HEIGHT to account for hanging hardware
    • 100% synthetic leather. 
    • Filled with cotton whool. 
    • Fastening straps: for quieter drives. 
    • Reinforcements on lined rivets. 
    • Zip-top bag. 
    • Available in 3 sizes. 
    • Diameter : 38 cm.
    • Venum logo.