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The Venum Tear Drop punching bag is designed to develop speed, timing and accuracy.

Thanks to its specific shape and weight, the Venum Tear Drop bag is ideal for training close strikes and tactics. Studied to allow boxers to train one two punch, short hooks and body shots and perfect for working on MMA style knees and Muay Thai Clinch, as well as low kicks.

The Venum Tear Drop's weight gives just enough resistance to increase shoulder, torso, and leg strength, while light enough so the swing and movement of the bag assists in the development of rhythm, reflex and footwork.

Designed with bottom buckle to fixed the Venum Tear Drop Bag on the floor to limit seesaw effect.

Built with Premium Semi leather, through Thai know-how, the Venum Tear Drop benefits from hard-wearing nylon straps from versatile and long-lasting training sessions.

Technical features:

  • Premium Semi leather for enhanced durability without the need for any maintenance.
  • Venum Tear Drop Shape - with lower gravity center - for versatile fighting work.
  • Single part design for more solidity.
  • Supported by double hard-wearing nylon strap for quiet training sessions unlike the stainless staples.
  • Trunnion mounting to prevent the Venum "Tear Drop" Bag from rolling on itself.
  • Bottom buckle to fixed the Venum "Tear Drop" Bag on the floor to limit seesaw effect.
  • Dimensions: 95cm / 30kg.
  • Sold filled.
  • Handmade in Thailand.